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 Physiological Computing

Online Proceedings

Jennifer Allanson and Gillian M. Wilson
Physiological Computing

Rosalind W. Picard
What can a computer learn about emotions from sensing your body

Sybil Carrere, Batya Friedman and Peter H. Kahn, Jr
How Calming is my Technology? Using Physiological Measures to Assess whether Augmented Reality Systems Can Enhance Psychological Functioning in Workplace Settings

Win Burleson
Context Awareness: Supporting Humans Engaged in the Creative Process

Robert Ward, Phil Marsden, Bernadette Cahill and Clive Johnson
Physiological Responses to Well-designed and Poorly-designed Interfaces

A. Fleming Seay, Diane Gromala, Larry Hodges and Chris Shaw
The Meditation Chamber: A Bio-interactive Therapeutic Virtual Environment

Jonathan Farringdon, Ray Pelletier and Chris Kasabach
Discovering Context from Physiological Sensing

Jennifer Healey
Physiological User Interfaces

Poika Isokoski, Veikko Surakka, Martti Juhola, Jouni Laakso, Timo Partala, Anne Aula and Marko Illi
Affective Computing - Are we there yet?

Michael Meehan, Brent Insko, Mary Whitton and Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
Physiological Measures of Presence in Virtual Environments

Daniel Bruneau, M. Angela Sasse and John McCarthy
The Eyes Never Lie: The Use of Eye Tracking Data in HCI

Thecla Schiphorst, Susan Kozel, Andruid Kerne
Whisper: wearable body architectures

Frank H. Wilhelm
Continuous electronic data capture of cadiopulmonary physiology, motor behavior and subjective experience with the LifeShirt: towards a comprehensive monitoring of affective states in real life

Teresa Marrin Nakra
Musical Performance Applications of Affective Computing

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